Navigating the website


We have added this page as a means of making the information on this website easier to access.

The front page is divided into three sections :

1. The Heading - consisting of the Banner across the top, the meeting box which gives details of our next meeting, and the wings of the meeting box which contains interactive buttons and the logo of both national and NYS PTA. If you click on either of the logos, a new window or tab will bring you to the website of the branch of the PTA you clicked on

2. The Body - This is the area below the Heading to the right of the Interactive button bar. this area contains informational boxes, many with interactive buttons that will take you to other websites.

3. The Interactive Button Bar - This is the area down the left of the front page. The picture of the East Islip sign at the top of the bar is also a link to the East Islip School District Website, just click on the picture and a new window / tab will take you to the District's website. The buttons down the left side are now divided into three sections by color.

    a. The first group of buttons in brown all relate to the East Islip SEPTA, how we work, what we are about, our meeting schedule.

    b. The second group of buttons in cream are the meat of Special Education. These buttons all take you  to pages full of information designed to explain the Special Education process. The button Special Education in NYS explains what is involved in the Special Education process in NYS. If you are new to Special Education, or even have concerns about your child's progress in school, this is the page for you. The information on this page looks daunting and voluminous, but with the help of SEPTA members, you will be amazed how quickly you will understand the basics of Special Education. The Procedural Safeguards is an online copy of the Procedural Safeguards that every school district in NY is required by law to give every parent of a child with an IEP. Becoming familiar with the information contained in this section of buttons will make your dealings with the District much easier and less confusing. 90% of the stress and mental anguish in dealing with Special Education comes from not knowing what the rules are, what your rights are, and where you can go to verify that the information given to you is accurate and correct. Almost all of your questions and the information you are seeking are contained within this section of buttons. These rules apply equally to all children, regardless of their disability.

     c. The last group of buttons, also brown, are grouped as outside associations, websites, and information that will offer you help in dealing with your child's individual issues. We recommend you start with Wrightslaw Wrightslaw . This website is full of information on how to deal with school districts. Pete Wright is an educational attorney known nationwide as the guru of Special Education issues.


The members of the East Islip Septa are eager and anxious to make ourselves available to you to assist you with any and all of the issues you are experiencing with your child, from your initial concern about your child's education, to starting the evaluation process, thru the possibility of settling educational disputes through due process. Please, do not let your child suffer because you find yourself intimidated by the process. Avail yourself to the information included on these WebPages, attend our meetings, meet our members, and feel free to pick our brains. We were where you are now. We are here for you and want to help, but the first step is up to you.