E.I. SEPTO Membership Form

New Name ~ Same Great People!

You may have noticed that over the summer we officially changed from a Parent Teacher

Association to Parent Teacher Organization.


Here are some of the key benefits:

• Now ALL of our dues will stay here in our district. PTA collects a portion of all

dues at both national and state levels.

• Independent (not politically affiliated). This means that the dues you pay are not

used to fund commercials.

• We were even able to lower our membership fees!

Please support the East Islip Special Education Parent Teacher Organization (SEPTO) by

becoming a member and, if possible, by sharing your unique talents throughout the year.

You can volunteer to help at our Annual Snowflake Fundraiser or serve on a committee or

simply attend a meeting. Check the district calendar for our monthly meeting schedule.

Come join us!

For questions, please contact the East Islip SEPTO President, Sue Kavanagh


E.I. Special Education PTO Membership Make checks payable to East Islip SEPTO

One adult $7

Two adults $ 12

Please place this completed form with payment in the SEPTO mailbox in your schools main office. Thanks!

Name(s): ____________________________________ Phone:________________________

Address: _____________________________________ Email: ________________________

Please check: Parent_____ Faculty_____ Friend_____

Check School(s): JFK___ RCK___ TPES___ CES___ EIMS___ EIHS ___ Other

School (specify)_____________


Please copy and paste this form onto a word document





How parents with issues are viewed by school districts

1 parent with an issue = A nutjob, thinks the school
2 parents with the same issue = A nutjob and a friend
3 parents with the same issue = A trio of troublemakers
5 parents with the same issue = “Let’s have a meeting”
10 parents with the same issue = “We’d better listen”
25 parents with the same issue = “Our dear friends”
50 parents with the same issue = A powerful organization

There are strength in numbers

We Can Help You

Help Your Children